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ROLE  UX/UI  Designer
COURSE Workshop 5D - UX Design



Semester after semester students are left over with books , materials , and other supplies. Students usually throw away their stuff or keep in their closets until they are no longer needed. According to research , students struggle with reselling around campus because of how much time is needed to post flyers and safely deal with money around campus.


Create an app that student can use to list their materials and sell easily and safely to other students exclusively to their campus. The can set pick up destinations near their favorite campus building.



What is Vendere?

You can sell or buy anything from your classmates. Meet locally around your school safely and quickly. You can list your old books and materials you no longer need to make extra cash around school. Find materials , supplies , etc from students in your department. With Vendere you can network and collaborate with students to work on cool projects.


Research & Insights

  1. Based on user interviews I found that most students don’t have time to re sell their old material .

  2. They also don’t like negotiating money and driving far from campus to buy things.

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Based on my user interviews and insights I created two user personas that exemplify my user base , one as a buyer and one as a seller.

Asset 1assets.png

Journey Map

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Branding & Illustrations

Gill Sans


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Asset 7assets.png

Main Screen & buying feature.

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Moving Forward

To further enhance the experience of my users , I would want to do A/B testing and reiterate on the design to make sure my design choices solve the frustrations my users face.