Pizza Delivery App


Pizza Delivery app

Personal Project



While working at Domino’s pizza as a delivery driver for a couple of years I noticed that the delivery experience was very frustrating. Delivery drivers carry multiple items at once , they have to deal with locked gates , climbing lots of steps , working in the rain , etc. They also carry personal information from customers such as ,phone numbers , addresses , gate codes , etc. I realized that this was a very archaic and frustrating method of handling sensitive information. From the delivery drivers and customers perspective the way we deliver pizza has to change.

Essentially the question is , how do you give delivery drivers a better experience delivering pizzas to customers and at the same time making sure our customers don’t have their information exposed.



Pizza delivery drivers carry valuable information in a receipt or delivery label that can be easily lost. They carry home addresses to phone numbers and sometimes codes to enter gated communities. address ,etc. The delivery process is also very frustrating and difficult when handling multiple items at once.


Create a app that replaces the archaic way of delivering and creates a safe and quicker method to have the the delivery drivers provide a better experience to their customer.


I started sketching the flow of the app and made sure the experience was similar. I wanted to make sure drivers can easily read the information on the app the same way they read the pizza label.


Pizza Drivers use case:

This screen shows the important information that drivers need to get started.


This screen shows key components that minimize time such as integrated gps ,sign & pay , and access to customer numbers. 


easy paying interaction for both the customer and driver.


Using adobe XD I created a prototype to test the features with actual users. (1).gif

Final Version.

After doing some user testing with my co workers I revisited the app and made some changes.

  1. Have a review page after each ticker to give the drivers a review of whats needed. Its important to not forget what theyre delivering

  2. Give the drivers a choice of what navigation system they want to use.

  3. Brand the app to create familiarity.