ConsumerTrack Internship


ConsumerTrack Inc.

Product Design Internship


DATE  Jun - Aug 2018
TEAM  Design
ROLE Product Designer
PROJECTS  CTI landing pages , Collabrotive Intern Project , Google ads


My Summer at CTI

I spent the summer conducting research, working on landing pages, and collaborating with software engineers, QA engineers, & project managers to work on a in house tool for CTI that helps them decide decision in their back-end development. I also spent time learning how to design compliant google ad units.


Project Runway Dashboard

I collaborated with engineers to create an application that helps the back-end developers visualize their active run way tickets in docker. The runway dashboard keeps track of what is currently on a pre-production test bed. I designed various UI's to find the best way to visualize the important information , view system status , and have a simple interactive UI.

Tools: Sketch + Craft + Invision, HTML , SASS , JS


Final Version :