Artificial intelligence personal assistant app for Apple airpods.


ROLE  UX/UI  Designer
COURSE ART 355 - Web Design



Create a prototype "IOT" App for an object. Develop use cases and personas for your app and design the UX and UI. 


What is pal?

PAL is your Personal Assistant Learner. What makes PAL different from other artificial intelligent personal assistants? Its more exertive and customizable. It creates personalization for the user. With the power of the Apple Airpods it has abilities to interject into conversations, and to acclimate to the habits of the individual’s daily tasks.

iphone mockup.png

Design Process

We began our process by creating our user personas for potential users. We decided to create three personas that represented our target market and created features based on their needs. After finding out what kind of features to design, we created a site map and sketches that illustrated use cases for the users. 

You can read our documentation here

wireframe sketch .png
Screenshot 2018-03-14 17.54.03.png

Prioritizing the on boarding

to build trust.

In my group, we discussed the possibility of the user not trusting A.I because of the negative press it might have. The onboarding process was a step by step user friendly interaction that led the user to setting up the app and the air pods together. copy.gif

Visualizing the interaction

between air pods and the user. 

Visualizing the interaction between the user and the air-pods was a little difficult. We needed to exemplify the interaction between the app running in the background while the user had a conversation with someone and pal interjecting.