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Open Home


Open Home

Helping immigrants find refuge in the community



This project was developed during a Adobe Live Jam UX/UI Competition. My team and I designed a solution for the lack of housing resources for immigrants. We won 1st place overall.

My role : UX/UI Designer

Other Team Members: Kimberly Au , Jerrold H. Leong , & Baykomious N. El Magarisy


How we view immigration policy reflects our national identity. Our attitudes towards immigrants demonstrates their importance to our culture and our economic well-being.Our challenge is to create an experience that enhances the quality of life for immigrants.


Create an app that immigrants can use to find “sanctuary homes” in their community or find “immigrant friendly homes” that don’t require a credit check and are empathetic to immigrant families.



Important functions

During the competition , my team and I decided not to add a user signup function to our app. This decision was important because we realized the importance of how immigrants feel sharing their personal data. Instead our app is open and easy to use quickly to help immigrants use it when they need it.



We wanted to create an easy unboxing experience while making our users feel safe and gain our trust. We learned from our own experiences and from talking to people that immigrants fear sharing their information even through apps. So our onboarding personalized their experience by asking for their preferred language as well as making them feel safe.



Final Thoughts

1. Functionality Expansion: Moving forward, I would love to add more functionality to the app as well as improve the verification process for listers and community members.

2. User Testing: An extremely important next step for us would be to actually get users in front of the product. We would want to see which features they used or didn't use, and if there were any features that was particularly difficult to access or use. We were particularly interested in seeing if our users felt safe reaching out to potential homes and housing listers.